So It Goes

I just called in my unenjoyment claim so I can lay around and drink beer again next week. The cat is showing me it’s asshole, that means she is happy, the little shit. Went to my folks yesterday and helped my brother put a front fender on his F-250.
He thought that was going to be a breeze.
Lucky I showed up.
Those assholes at Ford have several little hiding spots for fasteners of all descriptions. Just getting the fucking headlight assembly out is a nightmare.
It went fairly well and he sprung for dinner. Seeings how I never do eat on a regular basis, I dove in and ate more at one sitting than I normally eat in two fucking days. God, was I miserable but I was way over due.
Spent most of today fucking off because I can.
It is getting to be time for me to get off my lazy ass and do some stuff around here and get ready for winter.
Right after I finish the next beer and fall down for the evening..
LOL!, I just had some little sweetie call me looking for her boyfriend named Joe.
I told her I already had a girl friend or I would spend some more time talking to her.
She cracked up.
I am such a little tease.
Gotta love it, at least I have some people skills.
Any ways, I haven’t bothered to even look at any news, all those rotten fuckers can take a big suck outta my ass, I ain’t in the mood, maybe later.
The Raiders lost tonight, I am sure Nasty Girl did a little dance,
I can’t believe she hasn’t called me to rub my nose in it yet.

Thanks fer stopping by my little red light district of the web and maybe tomorrow I will have something worth reading.
Right now it is all about going thud and hugging my pillow because I can’t squeeze my honey and that gives me a sad.


6 thoughts on “So It Goes

  1. My bro kids allot but the truth is that the body shop wanted 6.7 hrs at shop rates to do with my bros help in 2.3. Fuck the ass raping mechs if you can do it yourself then crawl under and do it. As for buying his skinny ass dinner well, I will every chance I get bro. I'm being liberal with skinny ass though, you have no ass and I truly believe your only days away from suspenders. I love ya, stay safe. As for burning a book to make a point. While it is your constitutional right to do so. Know that for every action there is a reaction and just for threatening to burn it I'm betting this stupid sonofabitch will wind up dead somewhere.Bustedsbro

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