Still Good Old School Rush

Damn, I just watched this on the Tee Vee here at Nasty Girl’s place. I had forgotten how much I liked this tune.
I hear a lot of people bad mouthing Rush. My reply is to get a fucking decent set of head phones and try again.
It’s a whole nuther experience.

3 thoughts on “Still Good Old School Rush

  1. Me too you ornery bastard. That John Lennon ended up w/her made me agree for sure: "there's no accounting for taste." But as punishment for being an ornery bastard I want you to go to YouTube and watch "Voice Piece for Soprano & Wish Tree at MoMA" Have your puke bucket handy.I really wanted to look at Lennon's art but was sort of afraid she'd be there in person (?) and spoil the fuckin' day.

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