Meh, FaceBook Sucks

Goddamn, I had forgotten what an asshole bunch of shit heads Facebook is.
I had an account for a couple of years but it got to be a giant pain in the ass and I tried to delete my account but at that time, the insidious motherfuckers wouldn’t just let ya do that.
All you could do was suspend your account unless you wanted to take two fucking weeks and go in and hand delete every mother fucking thing, one line at a time.
There was finally enough uproar over that horseshit that they finally relented and let ya go in and just delete the fucking thing, so I did.

Been happy ever since, until recently.

I keep getting hammered by emails of people inviting me to the sonofabitch and family hammering on me to go see their fucking pictures and yadda fucking yadda.
“Why aren’t you on FaceBook”?

Fuck me, I heard it again today.

Shit, I still have a My Space account I haven’t even looked at for over a year.

I heard that those pricks at FaceBook quit being so assholeish about the names that you can use and decided to put it to the test, just fer shits and grins.
Bustednuckles is a No no, so was Ornery bastard.
No fucking sense of humor, these guys.
So, I trick fucked ’em.
If you want to “friend” me, (gag), on FaceBook, my honies, here it is.

Ornery Basterd.

Look it up, I can already tell this is going to be a fucking mistake but I can just ignore the fucking thing, except for the countless fucking email announcements I will be getting.

Fortunately, I am very familiar with the delete button.

Thanks fer stopping by.


I fucking knew it, it has already started.
My asshole uncle has been posting baby pictures.

Ya know Unk?
You are the last one of my immediate realtives on that side of the family.

Remember that.


9 thoughts on “Meh, FaceBook Sucks

  1. There's a "just for Blogger's" side of it to. Basically I hate people. There all a bunch of panty waste's.Consequently 99% of my contacts are the people I want to hear from. Fellow writers. Obviously you can put your post on there. I don't talk about anything personal,nor do I want to hear it either. That stupid fucking game some play on there makes me suicidal,farm fucker's or something like that. Oh I need a cow, 100 points…die please… No I don't get involved with that shit. I guess we just exchange ideas. You'd be surprised some of the well known people that are on there doing the same thing as you. As far as your Uncle posting pictures of you, have a chat with him and tell him you going to kill him if he does it again.;)

  2. Fucke fucken facebook. I'd rather hammer nails through my fucken dicke than fucken dicke around with facebook. Like I give a fucken fucke what some douchebagge's fucken stupid kidde looks like, or that the little fucken pissant got a good grade on their stupid fucken spelling test?? Facebook can suck my fucken dicke.

  3. I tried facebook, it drove me utterly nuts inside of two weeks. And yes, as you said, deleting it was comparable to climbing Mt. Freaking Everest in your underwear. But I got it done and am NOT going back. Nor will I "Twitter" thank you very much!

  4. Farm fuckers, ha ha! I posted a pic of my garden there on Farce Book and told 'em to stuff their game, I got the real McCoy! Sigh… I am there as well because of family. Was hoping my Gadsden flag would get me booted, but no such luck…

  5. Its definitely another heavy immoronazed approach to keep some people occupied and AWAY from the real shit that boiling right behind their doors.I remember these years when that little fuck start sending his invitations to join the shitroom, I've already forgot what was that. I guess "mySpace". There was 12 or so squackos online and I just stop looking into it ever after. Look what it grew to, Holy FussBook Entries! [Angry As Hell Josie The Pissed-Off One]

  6. Hi Busted,I never could figure out what you're supposed to do on FaceBook. When I tried to set it up, they asked for way more info than I was willing to part with, so I put in a bunch of bogus shit. My sister saw it and e-mailed me. She said she didn't know I went to high school in Alaska and that I was 14 years old.I'm not going to delete anything, because I hope their system crashes from bullshit data.Dave

  7. I'm not going to friend you on FB, Mister Ornery, sir, because I am one of those annoying twits who plays those damned annoying time-suck games that fill up your news feed with annoying announcements about pointless BS that nobody cares about except the same annoying twits who play the damned games in the first place.Welcome to the seventh level…Shade and Sweetwater,K

  8. I'm right there with you, facebook sucks! Here is yet ANOTHER reason why it sucks!I hate facebook because they took away one of the ONLY cool features that there was to customize your own page and make it look different. I am referring to the removal of the FBML & Extended Info Apps that use to work on the SIDE WALL. Now you can ONLY post lame stuff that is ONLY FACEBOOK'S lame apps/boxes like the 'photos' 'video' 'events' that EVERYONE has.At least with the FBML you were able to put up cool images and banners on the side wall.It took a while to figure out what would work on the side wall and what wouldn't, and guess what, now all that time was wasted for nothing since it was all taken away.Now, facebook absolutely sucks more than it did before…if that is possible.

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