Now It’s My Turn

Ayep, five minutes before quitting time on my first day back from two weeks vacation and my boss comes in my office and without further ado, announces I am “laid off”.

That’s the nice way of saying you’re fired, because now I can at least collect unemployment.
Good Lord, I haven’t collected unemployment since the mid eighties.
I won’t know where to start.

He acted like he really didn’t want to let me go, I had been there ten fucking years and me and him have gone round and round hundreds of times.
The owner is in town from Texas, apparently he ain’t happy about something(s).
Water under the fucking bridge now.
I can’t say I am one bit surprised, I had three people tell me to watch my back shortly before I went on vacation.
Again, water under the bridge.
Anyways, he was decent enough to give me two weeks of severance pay, that should keep me afloat until the unenjoyment kicks in.
Gave me the title to the truck I was paying for that I wrecked last winter and told me not to worry about my tool boxes and shit.I can store everything indefinitely, which means as soon as I can find a place to put four fucking roll aways, engine hoist, engine stands, storage cabinets full of shit and more goddamn little drawers full of miscellaneous nuts, bolts, screws, car parts and god only knows what else, I’m gonna..
I have a LOT of fucking tools and no where to put them in a fucking Weasel Den  in a fucking trailer park.
I also have a ton of other shit that they are going to miss later.
WTF, shit happens.
I’ll put some at my folks and maybe some at my Uncles, who the fuck knows, I just may find another job.
As far as I recall, the initial unenjoyment claim is good for 26 weeks, that is six months.
. I may just lay around for a bit and finish a bunch of shit I have been putting off, who knows?
I have only been unemployed a little over an hour, I have some time to regroup before I jump.
I also have to do that grieving thing, I am friends with a lot of people there.

We shall see. As Mayberry says, stay tuned.
Right now, I am going to go get drunk.

Thanks fer stopping by.

37 thoughts on “Now It’s My Turn

  1. I tell you my friend I know what you are and will go through. You do what has to be done and you know you can survive so that's your fall back. Kick back a bit at first-get things done everyday and prepare and look and something will come your way Busted it will. It's going to be okay.

  2. Sounds like you have enough tools to start your own business. I think that's what you should do. My Son did the same thing and his only problem is keeping up. He found an empty garage and made the deal. No Bosses!!Sell cars on the side.. Good Luck my friend,you can do it.

  3. Gimmee a call and I'll hook up the little trailer and help you get started bringing stuff over to my garage.Glad to hear of the "laid off" status re unemployment. This may be a blessing in disguise.

  4. 1) Get yer tools, rollaways, and shit OUT of there ASAP! They will rip you off in a NY Minute.2) Sorry to hear of yer unemployment. You got skills, hope they translate into a new job fast.Seriously, get yer this OUT of there, FAST! Your boss is gonna fuck you as fast as can be, if he's owned by others who don't like yer stink.I know this shit, I been there.Get yer stuff, NOW! Cuz SOMEONE is gonna fucking steal it, or keep it.And you'll have to resort to violence to get it back. And that ain't kewl. Wishin you the best Busted, damn. It's HARD out here, lookin for woik.Yeah, yer a fuckin hero of mine, too.Best to ya, hoss. Damn.

  5. Too bad you aren't on the east coast, Busted. We have a 2001 Civic and a 2003 Toyota that we want to run into the ground. I'm with the others — go out on your own. You have a skill that translates well to self-employment.

  6. Sorry to hear your news, and wish you well in whatever you decide the next step is. It's good you have a tight support network there. I agree you should get your tools etc out asap & store them with someone you trust, or spring for a storage locker or something. They're so valuable. Good luck.

  7. Welcome to the club. At least you have the talent to fix cars something that everybody needs at some time or other.You're also lucky in that this depression has gone on for 3 years now so things should be looking up. I on the other hand have been hanging on by fingernails. So don't feel too bad.

  8. As the saying went when I was in the green machine. Shit happens, then you die. Funny how I still remember that from Vietnam-when I was just 17-and have pretty much put everything else to rest. Oh, and I am so damn glad that I retired back in 1998(medical)A fixed retirement plus my VA disability should be enough to see me thru.

  9. There is no fucking way he could start his own business.If his boss is "feel" for him, then there is an economical reason. One of a known tactics that bosses do – cut the most expensive employees and continue with middle range one. In 3-5 years that "middle" one will grow-up to today OB's stage and will be cut again."Captains of free enterprises" or simply greedy assholes doing it for years now in ITHang on, OB

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