Reverse Road Trip

Heading back to the weasel den here shortly.
This is going to be fun.
The place was a freakin’ wreck when I left and now I have a weeks worth of laundry and a ton of camping shit that smells like camp fire smoke.
Tent, sleeping bag, all of my cook ware to clean and put away.
Hey, If I leave today, I still have a couple of days to do all that.
The GF is coming too.

Gotta love it.

Guess there ain’t gonna be no hurry.
Like I could give a fuck anyway, I’ll get to it eventually, it’s all in plastic bags or boxes anyway.
That gives me most of Friday and then I need to get my circadian rythm back in sinc to go back to the Salt Mines on Monday.
In the mean time,

Thanks fer stopping by, seriously, I do appreciate it.


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