Hand Me That Fire Extingusher

I am sitting here, half fucking drunk already, at ten in the morning, laughing my ass off.
Shit, I’m gone three fucking days, I come back and the place is on fire!
Jesus, there are some people with no fucking sense of humor at all.

First off, Kagan cannot be any worse than those corporate fucking whores Alito, Brown and that especially odious bastard Scalia.
Those three alone have done more to set this country back than Rush Fucking Limbaugh and Glenn Crybaby Beck combined.
Secondly, as someone pointed out, the fact that those rat bastards on the far right didn’t filibuster her nomination speaks volumes to me.

That is pretty much all I have to say about that, time will tell and we are pretty much stuck with her now.

Personally, I would have loved to have seen a screaming left winger progressive put in there just to fuck with that asshole Scalia.

On to the next item.
Flame wars.
While it humbles me no end to realize I actually have regular readers, could ya at least not flame each other when you disagree on something?
Yeah, I asked my buddy Sponge Bob Crack Whore to post his thoughts here because I didn’t want this joint to turn into an echo chamber. We are politically at odds but have agreed to disagree, we are damn good friends and deal with it. More often than not, we tend to agree on the big issues to some degree.

Seriously kids, quit playing with matches.

Two more things before I go play with Nasty Girl again.

There is going to be a long, invective filled post coming later about my recent camping trip coming, some people are fucking assholes and deserve a severe beating.
I forgot what I was gonna say because that sexy assed right winger just walked by shaking her ass again.

I’ll be back.
Thanks fer stopping by.


8 thoughts on “Hand Me That Fire Extingusher

  1. Well, once again, the complaint isn't that spongebob was offering an opposing viewpoint, the complaint is that he is offering made up facts. As the saying goes, you are entitled to your own opinions, but you aren't entitled to your own facts. There are plenty of valid reasons to criticize Elena Kagan. Saying she is leading the country into communism isn't one of them.That's something that pisses me off so much about the Right these days. I would love to have an honest debate on the issues. That's what this country needs right now. Maybe if we'd had an honest debate about health care instead of lies about death panels, we would've gotten a better piece of legislation. On every issue — social security, immigration, economic stimulus, unemployment, pot legalization, you name it — all we get from the Right is made up statistics and unsubstantiated hyperbole.

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