Well and truly fucked

Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court. Fuck. You gotta be kidding me.

This…thing…since I’m too polite to use the C-word…will go down as one of the most liberal, socialist, activist “judges” ever to sit on the high court. She will legislate her ultra-left-wing agenda into law and we’ll be stuck living with it.

Even as she takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, I guarantee you she’s planning on raping it even further. If we’re going to have people like her on the bench then why even pretend anymore? If the Constitution wasn’t dead before it sure as shit will be now. Good job, Mr. Cheney…wipe your ass with it and then hand it to the next administration so they can do the same only worse.

How ironic is it that as former communist countries move closer to capitalism we’re moving closer to communism? My boss immigrated here from Eastern Europe over a decade ago. He grew up under communism and I think he’s even more pissed off than I am about the way things are going. I don’t want to have to live with this bullshit…he doesn’t want to have to live with it…AGAIN.

Last person they force onto welfare, please turn out the lights.


29 thoughts on “Well and truly fucked

  1. Dude, WTF are you talking about? I had to read this screed twice to see if you were being sarcastic. Kagan is definitely NOT liberal, and certainly not communist. Jesus, dude, get a grip.From Salon:The prospect that Stevens will be replaced by Elena Kagan has led to the growing perception that Barack Obama will actually take a Supreme Court dominated by Justices Scalia (Reagan), Thomas (Bush 41), Roberts (Bush 43), Alito (Bush 43) and Kennedy (Reagan) and move it further to the Right. Joe Lieberman went on Fox News this weekend to celebrate the prospect that "President Obama may nominate someone in fact who makes the Court slightly less liberal," while The Washington Post's Ruth Marcus predicted: "The court that convenes on the first Monday in October is apt to be more conservative than the one we have now." Last Friday, I made the same argument: that replacing Stevens with Kagan risks moving the Court to the Right, perhaps substantially to the Right (by "the Right," I mean: closer to the Bush/Cheney vision of Government and the Thomas/Scalia approach to executive power and law).http://www.salon.com/news/opinion/glenn_greenwald/2010/04/13/kaganAnd as far as this country becoming communist, uh…you're joking, right? This country is in Wall Street's death grip. Health care "reform" was a gift to the insurance industry, and Wall Street "reform" is a watered-down bankster hand job. Honestly. Turn off the Rush Limbaugh. It's giving you brain damage.

  2. You better get out there and suck some cock, crackwhore, because it's obvious by your incoherant babbling that you are hallucinating and need a fix. No filibuster on Kagan is all the proof you need she will be no friend to liberals. Johnny, Sammy, Nino and Clarence are laughing hysterically right now. What did you want? Another corporate shill to bolster the "Citizen's United" unlimited money to buy Congress and Senate? How much stock do you own, crackwhore? Are you going to benefit from the shrinking middle class? Unemployment up? Does that give you a hard-on so you can get some cheap labor? Supreme court decisions matter. You are a useless waste of space. Why don't you blog over at Redstate or Drudge where you belong. Get the fuck off this site, you asshole. Ornery, you can't let this ignorant right-wing shill take a shit on the rest of us who come to your blog to GET AWAY from this type of stupid, fact-free bullshit. Let him get his own blog.

  3. Spngebob, I love ya, I respect ya, you're a great craftsman, you love real football, but you're a misguided idiot when it comes to this shit. You got no idea what you're talking about.

  4. Fuck off from CW, u morons.This Transy will turn our country into fucking shit hole with every fucking dogs right to get marry a cow. Then Arizona will be flattened for their bold stage. So fuck off, he is right. "spongebobcrackwhore", u're right on the money!! Suckups from elite are don't even hide behind some foreign names any longer. They are going bold as it is.If u'd like to meet some other type of audience, try this link: http://northwestfront.org/2010/08/radio-free-northwest-august-5th-2010/

  5. That's some "audience" you got there Anon. White robes, pointy hats and all hate all the time. "White homeland in the pacific northwest". Problem is YOU are the reason this country is so fucked up. Haven't you got your own state yet? I thought Texas wanted to seceed? Why don't all you narrow minded, idiot bigots go to fucking Texas and get the fuck out of this free country before you turn it into fucking 1950's Alabama. We'll build a fence so no "undesireables" can get in… or out. How ignorant and stupid can you be? I am amazed and sickened by your blatent racism and ignorance. Get a fucking grip, man. You don't know how unhinged you are. Obama Derangement Syndrome at it's peak.

  6. Damn Greendayman, you got some anger issues : ) Seems to me like you're the "deranged" one. Put down the left wing Koolaide and see how the PTB is dividing us…

  7. Yeah, Mayberry – you are right. I am angry. Did you go to the site Anon recommended? Check it out. There is no room in my worldview for white supremacists, they should all be treated with extreme contempt. Join the reality based community – no kool-aid required. Facts are facts, and the truth is like sunshine to those blood-sucking vampires.

  8. I don't see pointing out Kagan for what she is as "racism". She is just another statist pig who wants to enforce her narrow view on the rest of us, like Obammy, CONgress, and the rest of the bureaucrat thugs who abuse their positions in violation of the Constitution.

  9. I'm with you Spongebob. You are exactly right just like Anonymous said. And I think you deserve a little respect from OB's readers since you are his good friend and he gave you permission to post here from a different political perspective. You people should be ashamed of yourselves! You can say what you want here and you don't have to agree but you can keep your rude comments to yourselves! OB is being very fair letting a different political view be posted here and he's ok with it so deal with it! I think it's great. OB is a wonderful man. What are you afraid of? The truth maybe? Post on Spongebob!

  10. The complaint isn't that he's posting "from a different political perspective." The complaint is that he's posting from a stone cold batshit insane uninformed talking point-regurgitating perspective.The more I hear from right-wingers, the funnier the term "knee-jerk liberal" seems, because the vast majority of what we get from the right is thoroughly unfootnoted emotional chicken little horse shit. Kagan is, by most accounts, more conservative than the judge she is replacing. But since she was appointed by "Barack the magic negro," she must be a commernist and a lesbian who is going to single-handedly legalize bestiality.Do you do any research before you post, spongebob? I mean, there's this thing called the Internet. You can look stuff up on it. Maybe if you do a little research in Kagan, it will ease your troubled mind about the future of Merka.

  11. So, which is it – are we limp-wristed pussies or foaming at the mouth rabid animals? I think I heard President Obama called both in the same sentence on Fox News the other day. Make up your teeny little mind will you?

  12. The complaint is absolutely about the different political perspective. You people apparantly can't stand hearing anything that differs from your left-wing mentality. My complaint is that you are being rude! You don't have to attack him personally for voicing his opinion. I could say it's typical of you small minded, left-wing,limp wristed pussy, foaming at the mouth rabid animals but I don't want to be rude!

  13. Kagan is a corporate shill.The corporations buy and own our political process and our elected offals, so that our elected offals can create and pass corporate friendly legislation which fucks over we the people.It's called fascism, when the corporate oligarchy owns and controls the governing process.As such, Kagan is not a liberal in any sense.To that respect, the author's allusions regarding Kagan are factually incorrect, misleading and NOT politically accurate, much less 'alternative' politically to a liberal or progressive point of view.We are NOT under any sense of communist leaning governence. We are being fucked over by a fascist arrangement wherby the corporations own and control our system of governance.Ya know, sometimes ya just can't fix stupid.*G* But as snark goes, well, I'd call this post kinda lame in THAT regard too . . . . *G*

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