Desperate Old White People

I’m not talking about retirees eating cat food either.
Just look at this picture and see who is running the GOP and understand why I hate these motherfuckers with a passion.

Hopefully I will live long enough to see an extinction even worth watching.


10 thoughts on “Desperate Old White People

  1. People, I'd strongly suggest to stop thinking "parties". According to scientists there actually NEVER was a Democtacy of such crap as we've been told. The only Democracy used to play back in fucking ages in Greece was a "direct" one. When in reality we go and vote on legislatures and issues with no "middleman" in Congress or House of Reps.What we have now is a Grandiozo BS planted with maybe clear and fare thoughts but with no clue how sonsobitches of one specific ilk would;d undermine the whole shit.So fuck the Feds, we have to get divorce from the Union and perhaps begin from scratch.Josie, the Angry Continental Solutionist

  2. BN, if the sheeple believe the BS that the rethugs are putting out, then they win. And, unfortunately, it looks like the rethugs have the MSM by the short hairs so theirs is the story line that goes out. And, since todays "journalists" don't have a clue about what reporters are supposed to do-fer christs sake, they never ask follow up questions-the lies go out unchallanged. I fully expect that, even tho most tea baggers candidates crashed and burned, there are enough sheeple out there who believe all the shit that the rethugs are throwing so the rethugs will win the house. Also blame the usless democatic leadership. Spineless fucks for the last 2 years. Bipartisnship my ass.

  3. Busted:I am in complete agreement, these folks are utter morons. The fact that we have to choose between these fucking 'tards and the democratic scum makes we want to puke.Both parties are failures.

  4. Busted,We may think alike on many things but Buddy you gatta stop lickin' the toilet rim of either side!Please get it through your head "There ain't no left or right"!! There is only "Mother Fuck US" from either party period fuckin' exclamation point!Sometimes I wonder should we ever meet if I'd shake your hand and buy ya beer our smack ya upside the head.THERE AIN'T NO LEFT/RIGHT THEY ARE "ALL" ASSHOLES and you my friend best wake up to that!They are two heads of the same snake and once you realize'll owe me a beer..

  5. I thought the subject matter was the GOP. Grand OLD PartyThe party of NoNo heartNo conscienceNo ideasNo shitI'm not a democrat but I do understand No gets you NO where.As I used to tell people, Do Something!

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