How To Cure The Hiccups

If that doesn’t scare the shit outta ya, a guy with a mask and a chain saw will make ya laugh out loud.

Click on it to make it even bigger,


9 thoughts on “How To Cure The Hiccups

  1. The sad part is that the graph could be even scarier. The graph ends in 2007, since then we have added another 4.5 trillion. The right side of the graph is truly astounding if you add this in.

  2. notice the time lines people. The so called conservatives were in power during the largest spikes on this graph. Most of the borrowed money went into the deep pocket of the heads of the conservatives and did nothing for the common working person. If you notice clinton almost had it leveled out till jr got in there. By the by, don't come at me with all government is corrupt because that argument doesn't fly here. You continue to be the obstructionist, racist fuck your buddy people I know you to be and we will get along fine. My, isn't it good to live in a free country.Bustedsbro

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