I Could Really Give a Fuck Tonight



6 thoughts on “I Could Really Give a Fuck Tonight

  1. OB. I know for sure that u could give a fuck to some crap unfolded almost silently behind our D'House curtains.Here is smoe interesting news: "…The state department made this announcement just two weeks ago; the thing that caught my eye and sparked this letter today is their new $450 fee for renunciation of US citizenship. This is a brand new fee that has never been imposed before. Apparently the number of Americans queuing up at embassies around the world to renounce their citizenship is exploding so rapidly that the State Department had to formalize the process and tack on a fee… this, of course, on top of the 30% exit tax.With all of these examples, there's really one single point that I want to drive home today: you can only kick the can down the road for so long…By that I mean, these examples show that governments are constantly finding creative new ways to increase their domain and grow their tax revenue. We cannot count on any level of stability– what's accepted and allowed today can change tomorrow. …"

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