I Finally Pissed EVERYONE Off!

Either that or my stat counter is broken.
According to it, I have not had one single visitor since ten o’clock last night.
Lol! It could be too, that everyone is somewhere else.

9 thoughts on “I Finally Pissed EVERYONE Off!

  1. True, it is the holiday.But hey, if you embed cute pictures of doggies, kitties, and space shuttle parts in your posts, you'll never want for traffic.At least, that's where most of my traffic comes from.

  2. Most of my traffic comes from Google searches, thanks to six years of archives that seem to contain every keyword that Google ever indexed. Well, that and the #8 search term that leads people to my site… "penguin porn". Huh. Didn't realize so many people were interested in frisky penguins :). But yeah, none of my regulars seem to have been by today either. Usually they'll reply to my Friday cat blogging. Of course, the fact that you can only see the tiniest piece of the nose of a cat in today's cat photo (because they're nestled up under the bed coverings) might have something to do with that, but still…- Badtux the Frisky Penguin

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