The Extinction Event In South Africa

I originally had a different title but I couldn’t help it when I read OBs last post.

Ghana 2 : 1 USA

I wonder if Landon Donovan will remind anyone that the US “can beat anybody at the World Cup” on the flight home?

I’ll give ’em their due, though…just getting to the World Cup is an accomplishment. Out of some 190+ countries who try every four years only 32 make it. And then only half get out of their groups into the knockout round. It’s a brutal competition with no margin for error. One mistake and you’re done for another four years.

They’ve done well to get there, done well to make it out of their group and done the best they could after that. US football is inferior when compared to the best but it’s getting incrementally better. I really don’t think you can ask more of them than they delivered.

Except maybe having a bit more respect for the game than to boldly claim you can beat anyone.

Thank you very little for that, Landon Donovan, you fucking dickhead. The world could have cheered you when you went out, for a brave and valiant effort. But instead they cheered when you went out because you were just another trash-talking American who failed to make good on his boasts.

While the best players from the best countries…Lionel Messi from Argentina, Andres Iniesta and Xavi from Spain, Wayne Rooney from England, Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal, Robinho and Kaka from Brazil…are talking about how difficult it will be you’re talking about how you can beat anybody.

Humility. Look it up, Mr. Donovan. You could do with a healthy dose of it. You might ask the flight crew if there’s a dictionary on board.



3 thoughts on “The Extinction Event In South Africa

  1. The US beat themselves. Howard should have stopped the first goal and the central defenders were sleeping on the second. They got what they earned, Landon Donovan notwithstanding.

  2. They are dancing in the streets in Accra big time tonight.The little guys don't get much there and something like this gives many the spirit to go on and fight the daily struggles most have.Good on Ghana.I don't hate America by the way.

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