The King Of Wyoming

45% of CNN readers are idiots (well…53099 of ’em , anyway).

BUWAHAHAHA! The US can beat anybody? They needed a complete gift from Robert Green, who has since been demoted from goalkeeper to benchwarmer, to manage a tie with England. They tied Slovenia. And they barely managed to beat Algeria.

Landon Donovan didn’t score against Algeria until injury time. For you non-football people, the referee keeps the official time and has two watches…one for the 90 minutes of official game time (that does not stop) and one for how much time it takes for injuries and substitutions and such. At the end of the 90 minutes he adds the second clock onto the game so it lasts as close to a real 90 as possible. By the laws of the game he can add anywhere from one to four minutes of extra time.

So Landon Donovan (if he’s the best we can do then we’re fucked, by the way) thinks that being gifted the group by England’s suckage means they can beat anybody?

Really, Landon? Really? Dude…I want some of what YOU’RE smokin’. That’s gotta be some gnarly shit. Being literally handed a tie and managing a last gasp score against a team ranked 30th in the world somehow translates into you being able to beat Brazil or Argentina or Germany or Spain or Portugal or the Netherlands?

Yeah, sure…okay Landon. Whatever you say. And I’m the King Of Wyoming.

They do have a relatively easy path to the semi-final and anything can happen but when you’re playing Brazil (IF you get there) it won’t.


p.s. – I actually am the King Of Wyoming. Every time I’m there we hold a vote and since I’m the only one around for miles I get re-elected every time.

2 thoughts on “The King Of Wyoming

  1. I wrote this on my Facebook page after the last US win:"And for all those who think the US is on their way to winning the World Cup, get your expectations in check. They might have gotten farther than they've ever been, but they still have to face the likes of Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and Spain in the knockout round. If they make it past Ghana, consider us well represented."

  2. Or, someone will pay and finalist will bent over. This shit is all cracked. After the last Olympics I am not watching ANY shit, its all paid fucking garbage.No more team play that u can recongize or differentiate by nationalities. All bunch of high paying whores…Fuck the "sport", lets learn AR-15 assembly in dark blindfolded.

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