Granny Sitting

Both my parents are out of town for a few days, in two different places. Mom is working and Dad is playing, so they asked me if I would come over after work and keep an eye on one of my two, 96 year old Grannies. Not a problem, I love them both dearly.
They have my nieces little friend who I think is about eighteen with a fifteen month old baby girl and her boyfriend come over during the day while I am at work and also have some medical people drop by during the day to give her a bath and other things I do not want to think about.

I actually overbilled myself on Sunday, my Aunt and Uncle were going out of town too and wanted me to watch my other Granny.
There was some serious miscommunication, at least I was confused, I did not know Dad was going to be out of town until Saturday afternoon, after I had already told my Uncle I would come over.
That led to some last minute scrambling on their part but they got it handled at the last minute.
Man, did I feel bad for that but it couldn’t be helped, all my other brothers had shit going on.

Seeings I am pretty much the only batchelor, (sorry ladies, I DO have an awesomely hot girlfriend)I have no problem pitching in. I had to bribe the drunken little bastard neighbor to take care of my fucking cats but thats OK, they bug his ass all day when I am at work anyway.
He bitches but I know the little shit likes them.

So, now I get to sit in a nice chair, watch the fucking boob tube, see yesterdays post about that, and take nice, long, hot showers and drink the old man’s booze while I am at it.I just got done heating up some soup for Granny, got her some ice water and will get her some sweets for dessert in a few minutes.

They got a new dog, some kinda Shit-zoo, it’s still pretty young and the little fucker woke me up at six thirty this morning and was still going strong at eleven last night.I say Shit-zoo because it is a fucking zoo around here between that little bastard, who ain’t quite potty trained yet, the older Shitzu, Andy and their old cat who are all laying aroundlicking their asses, until that little bastard Herbie gets a burst of energy and decideds to start fucking with the cat, then all hell breaks loose until I can get within arms reach and grab one of the fuckers and throw them outside until peace and quiet returns and the cat has time to go hide again.
So there ya have it, another day in the life of an Ornery Bastard.
Thanks fer stopping by.


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