Right Before I Fall Down

Goddamn it’s been a long week.
Just in time for a three day weekend, my girlfriend tells me she doesn’t have a baby sitter at the last minute.

So much for a long weekend of further adventures in carnal knowledge, like I need any more education.
Ah well, I just might have to devote some time to cleaning up this fucking Weasel Den.

Hurricane season is year round around in here.
God, what a slob I am.This place looks like a tornado went through here about every three days.

It has rained four fucking inches here in May. I have a ton of shit to do in the garden, I ain’t fucking around out there in waiders though so I am waiting for it to dry out. I have a few measley little starts sitting in the window, they are starved for sunlight.
I can see a large part of a paycheck going to the local Feed and Seed this year.
I could have started a hundred plants with all the seeds I have and they would die before I could get them in the ground.
This is one of the top ten wettest May’s we have had since they started keeping track a hundred fucking years ago .
Ah well, If I can, I am just going to go throw a bunch of seeds in the fucking ground this weekend and hope for the best.It’s pissing me off that I have to start a garden in June, again.

By the way, FUCK BP, From what I have seen, there is a certain sonofabitch who needs to be in jail for being a “company man” and over riding the finalization of the shutdown process of that fucking well.
It ain’t going to happen of course, this is the United Corporate States of America, after all.

Fucking cocksuckers.


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