Off To A Wedding

I HATE them. The only damn thing any good about a wedding is the buzz that I catch before, during and after one.
You think I’m kidding, I even took a shot of whiskey in the middle of my great aunts funeral once.
Kinda the same thing, now that I mention it.
Y a gotta be good to get away with that shit, it’s all a matter of position, always sit in the back, preferably with a co conspirator for look out and to block the view.

Anyways, It’s my nieces wedding, on a fucking Thursday, in downtown Portland.
Great choice there honey, nothing like trying to find a place to park and then having to fuck with rush hour.
Ah well, I’ll be relaxed, it ain’t my fucking wedding. All I have to do is show up and take care of both of my 96 year old grannies.
It ain’t like I can’t out run them, should be a piece of cake.

Back later with the gruesome details.
Mutter, mutter, fucking weddings.


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