Damn, Just Got My Ass Chewed

As usual, it’s my mistake.

I recently went to my Grand daughter’s birthday and asked for a couple of pictures, I got them promptly and said I would Blog about it. I didn’t and it is my bad.
I got called on it and a few other things besides.
Yeah, not all of them are valid complaints but I did say I was going to Blog about it so here ya go,Grandma.

Yeah, the little darlin’ is Five and into Barbie dolls.

I gave her a gift card.
If she is five, she knows how to pick out what the heck she wants and I guess you could call it her first credit card. I suck at buying presents until they are twenty one.
Don’t let this fool ya, she is quite the little handful,

By no means is this going to get me off the shit list but at least I held up my end of the bargain.
I love her and my oldest little girl who is her Mommy and both my other kids tremendously. I have some beautiful kids. Lucky me, they call me dad.

Yippee Kayay Grandma,

She is a cute little shit.


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