Dammit, My Say On The Post Below.

I was late getting home and my buddy posted on this before I could.

First off, I ain’t a bit afraid to give ya my fucking opinion about the crazy fucking religious assholes in this country or any other one for that fact. Crazy is Crazy.

These cocksuckers are fucking crazy.
You want to stone to death a ten ton killer whale?
What ever you fucking IDIOTS are ingesting, I don’t want some.

Just how fucking stupid can some people be?
Here is your example.
You religious nut jobs just jumped the fucking shark Killer Whale.

Why don’t you swim in some Herring Juice and slip over the retaining wall, en masse?

Who is the retarded motherfucker who came up with the idea of throwing rocks at a fucking Killer Whale?
Better yet, who are the retarded motherfuckers who thought that this was a great fucking idea?

All those in favor, step out into traffic on the Freeway and raise your ignorant fucking hands in prayer so I can give myself time to open up the four barrels and get clear of any traffic next to me.
Xtian Crazy Grease for my front end .

The Darwin Awards will be handed out posthumously.

You make Jesus wish he had given Algae a bigger fucking brain.


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