About Those Comments….

Yes, I switched the comments over to Echo, no I didn’t want to and no, I don’t like it.
I pretty much had no choice and had to pay twelve bucks for the privilege.
Halo Scan is shutting down Feb 19th for good. If your blog is on Blogger, you will have to switch to Echo or something or else you will lose all of your previous comments and not have the ability for anyone to leave any. I had just shy of 4,000 comments and I have put way too much time and effort in this place to lose them over twelve lousy bucks.

Like anything else, in time we will all figure out how to use this new system.

God dammit.


13 thoughts on “About Those Comments….

  1. So… this explains this comment box… I saw it for the first time on another blog yesterday…Don't know what Im gonna do yet, but sure appreciate the heads-up. I'd a been all kinds of pissed of, wondering what the fuck…Thanks, Busted.

  2. Haloscan hasn't been standard for blogger since 2004, when I started my blog. When I started my blog Blogger already had their own comments system, which I've used ever since. If you started your blog before 2004, though, you had to use Haloscan. Blogger's comment system works pretty well. My only bitch is that it doesn't allow you to edit spammers. When some fucktard cretins come to my site and post a buncha Rethuglican talking points, I'd like to be able to edit their comments to say "I like pie [*FIXED BY MODERATOR*]". Alas, all I can do is delete their bullshit without letting people know exactly why. So it goes.- Badtux the Bloggin' Penguin

  3. Wow, Badtux, what a great idea! I have wordpress blogs and can do anything the hell I want to comments. I'm going to have to remember how much I like pie next time I get some shit dragging his ass through my thread.

  4. dood — did you get a notice or something because i've not gotten anything over at my place.this forking new system is still forking with my log in and want's me to join their network???i'm a much smaller blog that yours but still my comments matter to me.hope your cold is better dood

  5. I use blogger comments. Yes, they suck because I can't ban individual IPs like that asshole Serr8d who seems to think that using up moments of his life that he'll never get back posting comments on my blog is somehow useful. But it does have comment moderation, which is I guess not too shabby for the price (free).

  6. The pie thing originated over at Balloon Juice, I think, sort of a homage to the late lamented Fafblog. Although lately I think they've instead been moderating talking-points spewers to say "I want a pony". – Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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