Blogroll Amnesty Day

Yes, it is that time of year again when us B to Z list bloggers open our hearts and Blog rolls to the rest of Blogtopia. (Y! SCTP!).February 3rd is Blogroll Amnesty Day.
Skippy The Bush Kangaroo and John Swift initiated this tradition a few years ago when The Great Orange Satan and several other big name blogs decided to purge their Blogrolls of us pesky smaller sites and ironically called it an amnesty.
So, now the big sites all link to each other and fuck the rest of us unruly peons.

So, here is the deal, if you would like to be added to my Blogroll, drop me a line in the comments to this post and I will add you to mine, if you will reciprocate the favor.

Feel free to swipe the image above and put up a BAD post of your own.Skippy was the very first big blogger to put me on his Blogroll and I will never, ever forget that act of kindness.

Look up, link down, you must put up a link to another blog or ten, however many you want that you think doesn’t have as many readers as you do.

Claiming no one could possibly have fewer readers than you is strictly VERBOTTEN!

Without further ado, here are a couple of worthy sites that I read fairly regularly;

The Illiterate Electorate and Left Edge North.

Go check ’em out.

While I am at it, go check out the duo of The Hand Maidens Kitchen, this lady will show you how to walk around the neighborhood and see for the first time, how to find, pick, fix, turn into medicine, the things everyone ignores as weeds.

She is a wonderful lady.

Her Husband, Michael, is very persuasive and also deserves a look at every damn day at Staying Alive, someone has to tell ya where the bear shits in the woods and exhorts ya to get yer shit together.

Of course, the guy I get the most damn traffic from, some crazy fucking bastard named Mayberry.
I kid you not, I can’t believe the traffic I get from this crazy fucking Texan,

Heh, if we ever get to meet, you are going to be divorced the next fucking day dude.Right after we wake up from a once in a lifetime drunk.
Best wishes to ya in the mean time, seriously and good luck with the project.

God Dammit, I forgot two! Go see 43 Ideas Per minute and Survival Chic.


22 thoughts on “Blogroll Amnesty Day

  1. I am a new blogger (3 posts so far) and would be very grateful if you would include me in your blogroll…I have been following your blog for several months now and enjoy you immensly…you are already in my profile but not on my blogroll… my daughter is coming over tomorrow to show me how to start one..(am seriously blog challenged)I'm at…thank you so much…M Moir

  2. Yer right there on mine, Busted; have been for near ever (or, um, the year or so since I found you from my uncles– Hermit Jim [coffee with the hermit].I dunno if I'm already on yours or not, but I'd be honored. I freakin' love your no-holds-barred shit!Have a good-un, bustedknuckles!

  3. Most of us fucking Texans are crazy to begin with, I think its the summer heat that fries our brains. The suffering that cold does to you Yankees now is what summer does to us – damnable heat!Thanks for the blog love Busted, I hope you have a great day.

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