Ya Can’t See In the Dark

I am going to be enjoying some I and I here shortly and this Blog is going to be as dead as a door nail unless I can get some internet access, I could give a fuck anyways and that ain’t going to happen.

Have a drink and pleasure yerselves in the mean time.

If I am still alive by Sunday, Happy Fucking Birthday to me.


11 thoughts on “Ya Can’t See In the Dark

  1. I'm wondering if any of you liberated mother-fuckers can point me to wingnut sites that are tolerant of being called out. I've been working DUmmieFunnies for a long time and they've never banned me no matter how nasty I, troglaman, got. I've tried, but haven't found a site like this…one that puts up with me. I'd love hear about another.I actually think this is an important front, talking directly to these jerk-offs. If you've engaged wingnuts, talked to them about issues, there are arguments you will always win. Global warming. Bush catastrophe. A chimp could win these arguments. Health Care reform. Regulation. Fuck. These are EASY arguments won against psychotic people. You'll ALWAYS win. How cool is that?Give me some websites. I beg you.

  2. Happy Early Birthday you mofo! :^)And have a great birthday, hope its celebrated with good liquor, fine wimmen folk or good company around the table or bar or whatever makes your life work.

  3. Well yehaw I bet I started your party earlier than you did. Congrats on all of your entertainment and wise ass govment B.S. We true Americans appreciate the levity of this insane world that you point out to include the rantings, it makes my fucking day beleive me, cause I work for some wack jobs who could use some of your tirades to become human again. Happy birthday ol man.

  4. Happy Hatchlng Hoss! I GUESS that's what's goin on.My and mine are in Jan, earler a bit.If yer January, I hope yer gonna get all wet, and all that. Till then, I'll wait for yer return and swelling obtuse and abuse of all things right wing.And I hope ya get laid, too. And she's happy. Cuz it's NO fun if only one person is doin it. Ya know?

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