6 thoughts on “In The Mean Time

  1. Ya crazed fuck, MTB is the hots, and we still play a lot of their songs in camp jams at fests.And I gotta chase down Pretty Little Love Song. My dobro is aching for that tune, and so is my voice. Forgot all ABOUT that one! Yer a hoss, ya hoss. Get well and cranky.We'll be here. *G* Fuckin Toi Caldwell. Died too young the fuck. I sure wasn't done with him and his music. My dobro likes his licks. Sigh.

  2. I was lucky enough to see MTB in concert, along with the Charlie Daniels Band, and a very wasted Hank Williams Jr. here in Corpus some years ago. Hank Jr. was the headliner, but MTB and CDB made the show. One Fly said it, those guys are timeless….

  3. I remember listening to MTB riding through the back roads of western Connecticut in the mid 1970s.Musical background to my early adulthood.Thanks a lot for making me cry on a Saturday morning.

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