I Need A Smoke

After the fucking I am getting from this piece of fucking shit computer.
Dirty sonofabitch.
The fucking mouse quits working for no damn reason, then it comes back on, like a fucking machine gun.

I was going to regail ya with the tales of my recent debauchery and decided against it, the internet never forgets and those sonsabitches from the government would have had to add another file on my ass.

Just be glad ya aren’t my neighbor and we can let it go at that.

One of my ex’s called to check on me, she knew why I was the way I was.
Gotta love the gal fer that, after all these years.

The rest of ya might want to stay out of groping distance.

This ones fer you honey.


10 thoughts on “I Need A Smoke

  1. So, ya got laid? Been long? *G* An ex? No, we don't wanna hear about it.Geez, have you no scruples, for god's sakes, man.A sympathy fuck? On EITHER of yer parts?GET A LIFE! Both of yas. Or get back together.But fuck Busted, do we HAVE to hear about yer ex's?What about the flyin cats, the pigfuck right wing? Not to diss yer cats like that, my bad.What about trailer fixin's, your ass hat boss and job, shit internet connects, ass hat trailer park managers? A garden to nowhere? Yer buddy neighbor you care for? Yer mom's? Anything, but yer ex and nookie, Busted. I'd rather hear about yer kids growin up, show us the baby pics, will ya, and bless them all.http://www.jumpstation.ca/recroom/comedy/python/nudge.htmlSorry, it's PURRFECT for yas. Is she? You know. *G* A 'goe'r'? *G*

  2. 'K, if Patsy was my ex, I'd be bitter, too . . . . there.That's my male bonding. Damn I love that woman and her voice and music. Still. Also. Nice pic, hoss. Now shut up and get some sleep. Apparently, you might NEED it . . . ROTHFMAO!!!!

  3. Mayberry, sometimes, I just go off, and there's no saving the moment. The story gets bigger n bigger, and further and further from the truth or any semblance of reality. I blame good mescaline in the 70's. *G* My bad, sorry Busted . . . you SOUND happier. *G*

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