Yeah, About That Racist Shit

I have yet to see any Human Being bleed green blood.

Fuck off with your racist shit and don’t come back, ya bastard.

Unfortunately, I have had to enable comment moderation and word verification to get rid of a sick fuck troll from Berlin, Germany.

What? Ya think I can’t figure out where the fuck ya came from?

Yer a fucking weasel, asshole and thanks fer fucking up my blog.
I am sure you will find another venue to spew yer fucked up shit,because dick heads like you can’t be bothered with anything other than a three stroke jizz fest when no one is looking.

6 thoughts on “Yeah, About That Racist Shit

  1. I turned my comment moderation on a long time ago. I don't even care about the spam too much. It is the outright crazies that are concerning. Blogger needs to give us the ability to track comment origins better so we can shut down the junk comments at their source.

  2. Busted stop to consider that if you've riled them up that much then they must be on the run. As I see it the right in this country are becoming a shrinking minority. The more they spew this stuff the more people are turned off by it. I'm seeing more moderates move to the left now. If we're lucky the genie will be back in the bottle and they'll be relegated to one AM radio station as it was in the old days.So keep ranting my friend, keep ranting

  3. I don't know, Demeur, I'm starting to think we're fighting a losing battle here.But regardless, Busted, please don't stop posting. How's your garden? The weeds have taken over by now, I expect. I hope you got some lovely termaytoes.

  4. Gotta love them trolls man. Sucks to put the kibosh on free speech, but some shit just don't need to be said. People will bitch and call you names for doing it, but in the end, it's yer blog. Fuck them….

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