It’s Nice To Have Friends

I know, Ornery Bastard, yer thinking I don’t have any friends.

I am actually a really nice guy in person, you would be amazed at how I treat my Grandmothers.
I am a big Teddy Bear.
Shit that ain’t right, assholes fucking around the average guy?
No. Oh Fuck No.

Anyway, I have a very good friend you will never meet named Steve.
I am serious, a good friend that I have known for a long time.

He scored a couple of things for me today that almost caused me to have a runaway.

I am talking SCOOOOORE!!!

He knows I live in the Weasel Den, he is the guy that got me the Rat hole and helped me move my crap into the Weasel den.
That is a friend.

He scored a stackable washer and dryer off of CraigsList today, drove over forty miles round trip to get them and OMG, did he do good.
Some lady was giving away this washer dryer set and had over fifteen messages waiting for her when she got home and he got lucky and called her right when she got home and talked her into giving them to him before she listened to the messages.

I am talking some serious good shit, too.
Made in Sweden, the lady paid fifteen hundred bucks for the set twelve years ago.
Stainless Steel drums, One ten for the washer, two twenty for the dryer, that he fixed.
The washer plugs into the back of the dryer like a stereo. No need for a hot water line, the washer has a heater in it like a dish washer, I am talking some seriously good stuff here.
It has European plugs, LMAO, like I can’t change those over.
Took him three hours and all he wanted was a bottle of Vodka for his trouble.
He said he had something special I wanted and I might be tempted to kiss him on the mouth.

I had an idea but told him I would brush my teeth just in case.

I have to do some serious plumbing to make them work and we don’t know if they will fit through the door.
I will cut the door off with a fucking sawzall to get them in.

Thank you Steve, Very, Very, much.
I love ya man.

It’s nice to have friends.

OMFG, what a score.

Bye Bye Hide A Bed, anybody need one?


5 thoughts on “It’s Nice To Have Friends

  1. Hey, Busted, if you want a gen-yoo-ine 1950's fridge with a Cadillac pink interior, I got one in my basement. If your friend Steve wants to drive to NJ to get it, it's yours. 😀

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