Two Condiment Dip Recipes Not For The Weak.

A half of a cup of Horseradish,a half cup of salsa according to your tolerance for heat and a dash or two of yer favorite Louisiana Hot Sauce. To tame it down just a bit, add a table spoon of Mayo.
This is an awesome dip , especially for Sea Foods like Shrimp or Salmon.

This next one takes a bit of tolerance for color and texture but it is an awesome chip dip, it’s just ugly to look at.

Half and half, Salsa,again, according to your heat preference, Cottage Cheese and a whole Avacado, mixed together well and served chilled, don’t forget a couple of shots of Louisiana Hotsauce.

It ain’t purty but once ya get a taste of it, it will disappear fast.Corn chips seem to work well with this, ya want something that scoops up a bunch at one time.

Of course, you can add whatever ya like to these, these are basic recipe’s but I love both of ’em!

Hint, diced onion, black olives, etc, etc.


7 thoughts on “Two Condiment Dip Recipes Not For The Weak.

  1. Sounds tasty, BK…think I gots my snacks for this weekend. I'll buy a big bag o' Scoops for the dip.The Bite of Seattle is going on but I'm too broke to go and partake of the goods. Not to mention the thousands of assholes that'll be showing up too. Sure miss the Vietnamese BBQ Pork on a Stick tho.Used to be at Marymoor Park and a damn lot cheaper to eat there. The only thing you can get for $2 at the Bite now is a dirty look and a half a cup of ice water.By the way, have you heard from Eddie at Leftist Gramps?

  2. WHOA THERE HOSS! I am such a PUSS about hot sauce, it'd take a QUART of beer for every goddamned bite! When I was gettin' my G-I bill in Mexico (I really did lie about going to college down there…LOL@Uncle Sugar) , it was always "sin chiles, por favor"!

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