Another One Bites The Dust And It Is A Big One

I have no idea what I did to get so lucky but I ain’t asking.
A buddy of mine called and asked me if I had heard the news about my favorite Republican governor resigning.
I said no, I have been out and about all day.
I asked if it was The Governator, he said no, yer other favorite Republican governor.

I told him there must be a major scandal about to break and hung up.

Low and behold, the Thrilla from Wasilla,

is reportedly going to announce her resignation as Governess of Alaska.

Someone suggested that this might play out as a way for Little Jebbie to run as the frontman in the next presidential election.

After picking myself up off the floor after a spasmatic bout of laughter, I suggested that he bring it on.

Day after day, we see the results of the Republican/ Neocon/ conservative raping of our country.

I take no great pleasure in seeing these people being exposed,
wait, I’m lying.

Fucking bastards should have been in jail six years ago and Sarah Fucking Palin is just behind the curve.

What the fuck?

Time wounds all heels.

Either way, good fucking riddance bitch, ya fucked around and finally got caught.

Damn well know, she is corrupt as all get out, I have seen the myriad links to people sounding the alarm.

Someone finally looked.

Bye Bye Caribou Barbie.

Thanks for saving me the torture of you trying to run for the highest office in the land.

By the way, Fuck You idiots who supported her in her last run,
and I do mean idiots.
Can I just throw in a hearty Fuck You to that other idiot, Joe the fucking Moron?

Sure I can, it’s my fucking Blog.


8 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust And It Is A Big One

  1. It's a GRAND day for celebration, as a lead up to tomorrow!Larue's Berry Maggiethree parts top shelf tequila (pure agave)two parts Cointreausplash of Rose's lime juicefresh shooshed berries (razz, straw, blue)Ya gotta presmoosh the berries to release their flavor.Mix in hand shaker, pour with the ice into chilled rocks glass.Party On, Busted! What's on the grill tomorrow?

  2. Busted! I have to lay low today 'cause the legs are giving me fits. So, I hope you can party for the both of us.I like my brats crispy brown then kept warm in a pan of beer and grilled onions I do have a bottle of Guinness in the fridge but can't cook up some prime vittles for it. I think I'll just order pizza and watch my neighbor set fire to himself like last year. He blows up pretty good!In the spirit of the holiday, I quote Ben Franklin:"We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."-In the Continental Congress just before signingthe Declaration of Independence, 1776."Happy Fourth to you all…

  3. As to whether another pursuit for national office, as when she joined Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the race for the White House less than a year ago, would result in the same political blood sport, Palin said there was a difference between the White House and what she had experienced in Alaska. If she were in the White House, she said, the "department of law" would protect her from baseless ethical allegations. "I think on a national level, your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we've been charged with and automatically throw them out," she said. There is no "Department of Law" at the White House.Wow! Just………., Wow!!!Is there a word for concentrated mind-numbing stupid?

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