Never In My Life

Never,have I seen a fucking cat shed so much, EVER!

I shit you not, there is not a surface in this place that doesn’t have cat hair on it.

I had to throw out a pair of Coveralls, it was a giant hairball.
My bed, my clothes, the floor,even my fucking BATH TUB, is full of cat hair.
God Bless You Valley Girl!
She sent me some cat brushes out of the goodness of her heart, if not for that, I would have shaved this fucking cat, and I think I am going to do it anyway!

I literally, just spent an hour combing this cat, I watched it turn colors twice.
As soon as I quit, it started licking itself and more, GIANT wads of hair were coming out!
I went to get in the shower tonight and there were huge fucking wads of cat hair in it, HUGE!
I swept up enough hair on the floor since yesterday to make a new cat.

Somebody is getting shaved, I ain’t fucking kidding.
No Mas. I went to get my head shaver and it went dead before the fucking cat could bite me, I was prepared for it, either the cat gets it , or I am going to farm it out,the cat will be happier, and so will I, either fucking way.

Baby Girl just might get trimmed down to Girl.

That is going to be a skinny fucking cat when I am done.

3 thoughts on “Never In My Life

  1. bailey does the same thing. every year, my lipstick red sofa has a gray cast to the sofa back from all the hair she sheds. i turn on the fans and there are handfulls of gray gobs dancing across the floor.

    she will lay on top of the sofa back, under the ceiling fan, casting evil glares at any person or critter that dares walk past her. we are predicted to hit 106 here tomorrow (errr, later today). bailey is going to be one unhappy full length fur coat wearing cat.

    let me know how the shaving bit went busted

  2. I feel the same way every time I groom my Cocker Spaniel. That dog has more hair than any three dogs need. Half the time I’m wading throught 3 inches of dog fluff. She’s been shaved for summer now, I will have a respite for a couple of months.

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