Caturday, Psycho Kitty Edition

I tell ya, there is something wrong with this cat, seriously.
This is a first for me, a cat that is Bi Polar, like I am.
The evil little fucker has a the mentality of a jealous two year old and the bite of a jaguar.
Just so there is no confusion, yes I have two cats named notably pointed out to me by the nice lady at Just An Earth Bound Misfit. She is a Kitty lover too.
Baby Girl, the old cat I got from my brother ,that has aquired a taste for my blood, and Baby, the one that ran off and I recently got back.
My little Baby is a loving little cat, Baby girl has fuckin drain bamage.
The sonofabitch gives me the Stink Eye ninety percent of the time and is also very much into testing her incisors on some of my tender spots.
Baby, half as big and lovey as hell, is just glad to see me and loves to cuddle.
This seems to cause Baby girl no end of misery and I am just thankful I don’t to have my blood let out on a regular basis.

Baby girl can be a very sweet cat but gets jealous as hell when the other one jumps on me to snuggle.
Thats about the time I start getting the ol’ Stink Eye.I can be laying here minding my own business with Baby girl laying right next to me purring and the next thing I know ,Satan has come to visit.
If I even make eye contact with Baby girl at that point the ears lay back and the hissing starts.
If I even move she yowls like someone has a hold of her guts and jumps down to hide under the kitchen sink for a couple of hours.God forbid you want to try and be nice and reach towards her with any extremities you have grown accustomed to using after all these years, she will start gnawing on ya like a fuckin’ chicken wing.
Get this, even though she doesn’t have any front claws, she can get the cupboard door open!

Ah well, give her time.
She’ll get used to it or turn into a hermit.
I ain’t gonna get too worried about it, just bring home more treats and fancy assed canned cat food to tempt her with.

Scary Update:
The young lady that called me and told me her Mom had my cat has made good on her threat,
she just called me to arrange a date with Mom.
I ain’t dating material in any way,shape or form and I ain’t looking to hook up with anybody either.
This is going to be awkward.


5 thoughts on “Caturday, Psycho Kitty Edition

  1. What could it hurt? You must have made an impression on the daughter, for her to set her mom up with you.
    You kids have fun!lol

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