Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.
That is what is coming in the very near future.

It’s bad enough that this country has turned into a police state with the levers of power actually getting pulled by Corporate America.
But let us take a moment and take a look at what Corporate America has REALLY done to our country, and rest assured,the rest of the world has been playing these same games.
This is not just a nightmare coming for this country, this is going to be a WORLD WIDE nightmare.

I found a series of economic articles that made my fucking blood run cold, complete with very poignant pictures of people during The Great Depression as stark reminders of what has already come to pass once in this country when Big business was allowed to run amok.
I am going to link to them out of order, there are many, many more installments to this series from earlier. If you are interested, click one of the links and go to the archives.
This has to be, hands down, one of the best examples of tea leaf reading I have ever seen.

Warning, they are very, VERY long articles, which should come as no surprise as it takes a lot of words to convey just how completely fucked up our economic fortunes have become.The author looks at happenings world wide that are all tied together to create the coming Perfect Storm.
There is a lot of economic terminology that might make your eyes glaze over at times, I know mine did but for the Love of God, please read these articles and start getting prepared for the worst possible scenario, it’s coming.

Debt Rattle; Starting Over.

Debt Rattle; Apocoalypticisms

Debt Rattle; Record Highs.

Debt Rattle; Payheyday.

Debt Rattle; Surest Sign.

If you see information overload, which I am positive you will, at least read the first link.
FUBAR doesn’t begin to cover it.


13 thoughts on “FUBAR

  1. It’s strange. Some years back I was walking across a jobsite. This was when my income was going up at a good clip. You ever get a strange feeling that something really bad is going to happen? I got that feeling. That inspite of the increase in pay and benefits that the economy would tank. I went out and refinanced my home and started saving as much money as I could. I’m glad I did as the feces is only starting to hit the fan. I just hope I’ve saved enough.
    For all of you out there who think things are hunky dory and you can continue to spend like a drunken sailor you are in for a rude awakening in the next 6 to 8 months maybe sooner. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  2. I’m worried bad. I don’t want to buy this house but other choices are not so good at all.

    This is one of the problems that you point out here. Any given issue about the bad shit is a long story. Complicated involving many players over the course of years generally and not easily understood without a bit of effort. Not many who live here are willing to put forth that effort but sure as hell won’t miss their sit coms.

    We’re screwed and don’t even know it.

  3. Distributorcap,
    One thing that is paramount is to take this information seriously, there is some wicked shit coming.
    The next thing after that is to shackle the results to that motherfuckin’ prick until the end of time and his Republican brand with it.
    He is going to go down in history on a par with some of the worst the world has seen, except without the obvious bloody body count. His is going to be like a long term die off.

  4. Busted, we here are just hoping that someone will come along and buy our home here at the beach so we can move to New Zealand before the shit really hits the fan. She is from there and I have been there. I am thinking I want to be where the goddamned government is in the BUSINESS of taking care of the citizens…plus the weather beats the shit out of the coast of Washington. I don’t WANT to go read those links! Just when it seems like we are only up to our fucking EYEBALLS in shit…

  5. I’m not half way thru your first linky, and it’s obvious that all I’ve feared is coming on us. Only worse.

    The house of cards is falling, not only for OUR markets, but globally.

    It was all propped up on speculation.

    The econ bad news MIGHT, just MIGHT, come before the ability to PRODUCE petro products begins to nosedive.

    Add it all up, and by 20 years from now, there’s no energy. Globally. No energy. Or a FRACTION of what we have now.

    No gas, no oil, no production ability to MAKE stuff.

    Large Ag? Gone. No food.

    Add in Mama Nature? Hotter equators, spreading out north to south. Population shifts, BIG one’s.


    By 2020? 50% loss of population. Globally.

    N that don’t factor in a nuke barrage in the middle of all of this human turmoil, or disease run rampant.

    Dawg bless us all, and Busted, hell of a compilation of info, hoss. I hate it when my worst ungrounded fears are right.

    But, there’s too much evidence. We as a species are under a GRAVE threat of reduction, the likes we’ve not seen since the plague’s.

    Best to all. Me and mine will likely be passin along about 2020 or so. One late 60’s, the other mid 70’s.

    Without support as exists now, we won’t make it past that most likely. We had a good ride. No kids, no guilts.

    I DO feel for those younger than us, and for those with kids, who weren’t told about history and how this shit we humans do would catch up to us.

    Nixon and Vietnam alone shoulda been a warning.


  6. Ornery,

    Thanks for the kind words and endorsement.

    I think perhaps it’s good to point out that I’m not the author in the sense that I don’t write all of it. I compile relevant quotes of news articles, 7 days a week, and write comments where i think they are desirable for better understanding of either the material itself or my take on it all.


  7. Ilargi , first off, thanks for stopping by and saying hello, I appreciate that. Secondly, I am sure that is more information than one person could gather, type up and still sort through to make informed opinions on.
    I will stand by what I said though, that is some of the best analysis for the big picture I have seen.
    Thank you for that.


  8. I agree with above comments – the house of card Wall Street Bankster Ponzi scheme is crumbling fast. A rudimentary of history will show the cyclical boom and bust cycle that they employ to crash the economy (and buy up the rubble at pennies on the dollar). America was swindled by these bums in 1913. Ever wonder why the FED is a private corporation?

  9. Wow. Some paranoid, tin-foil hatted minds run in the exact same gutters!!

    I just came across an article in truthdig by Chris Hedges. It reprints his speech to some university in S.C. that was protesting the u admin’s idea of a commencement speaker — G. W. Tokin’ and Jokin’ Bush Boy.

    YES, like your links BN, it is long & dense material for the web — 5 screens. So I felt compelled when passing it on to my email pals to do a sexy, funny intro. You know, so they would not flip instead to tabloid news on Brangelina or Paris Hilton’s last vomit?

    But anyone here who had the cojones (or ovaries) to click on and read even your first link, can soitenly handle this Kinda Cliff Notes OR Fascismo for Dummies from Chris Hedges.

    I give you the link to the Handy Pocket Guide to How to Take Down the U.S. If You Are A Happy-Go-Lucky Fascist At Heart … really titled The Corporate State and the Subversion of Democracy by Chris Hedges.

    Best keep large quantities of scotch, bourbon or wine on hand. Also, protection — like Ojo Condoms — is helpful.

    Last, sure the NeoCon A$$wipes of the Bush-Cheney Mafia are heavily responsible. As is every DEREGULATE EVERYTHING! Fuck Nozzle Republican since Ronnie Alzheimer’s Reagan.

    But just like those stupid Shake ‘n Bake commercials with the kiddie beaming to Leave It To Beaver’s dad returning from the work jungle to ex-urbia:

    >>Bill and Hillary Clinton hayyyyylped. A lot. Like with kicking unions to the curb; slurping up corporate fatback; pulling out the social safety net from welfare recipients and — the showstopper, folks — NAFTA and WTO. All Clintonista Specials du Decade.<<

    After you read the below, make sure to send Bush-Cheney to Nuremburg for the trials. But, don’t forget to whoop ass the Democratic Surrender Monkeys, too. Cuz they “hayyyyyylped.”

    Fuck ’em all. And pass the pencil cup.


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