The First Cougar?

My oh my oh my.

The more I see of Mrs. McCain the more I wonder about potential revelations of just exactly what she has been up to while she has been faintly rooting for The Husband.

A hundred million and no tax info for us. Gee darling, if it was good enough for Theresa, it’s good enough for you.

Unless of course, you really don’t wany anyone to know about those private tennis lessons, or maybe the exclusive contract with the pool cleaning service.

Why yes, Iam being an asshole, I have had a great deal of instruction from those people who come to your house for some Kool aid flavored pork steaks.

You are not getting a pass sweetheart.

If you think for one second you are going to get away with trying to hide the dough you come by and use to throw towards your husbands bid for the Presidency, I have news for you. Even your base is going to want to see that. MSM or not.

What I want to know is who your plastic surgeon is, Michael Jackson could use a good referral.

By the way, I quit drinking Budweiser when I found out about their gun policy.

Rice flavored beer is just not PC these days anyway.

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