El Gato Diablo

Psycho kitty looks something like this;

When it isn’t hissing, spitting and growling at me.

It has found a hiding spot somewhere in the Rat Hole that I am unable to discern, partially because I ain’t lookin for it.

Because when I do, I find THIS!

I’ll bring some welding gloves home from work tomorrow.


A worthy opponent……



10 thoughts on “El Gato Diablo

  1. Whenever I have to introduce a new animal into our menagerie (in the last 10 years, we’ve had 7 dogs and 7 cats, 14 chickens and a rat, not all at the same time), I throw the new guy into a room with food and whatever else it needs and leave it for a couple of days. Then I open the door and ignore it for a few more days. They come out eventually and they’re not so pissed off and stressed. Something tells me, though, you are looking forward to the paw-to-paw combat.

    It sure is a pretty kitty. Looks like a good lap warmer, too.

  2. Busted! Sorry I missed you at FDL.

    She looks like a beauty. I come from a family that likes to take in stray cats. Food is the answer. And, with some cats, those kitty treats that come in the silver pseudo-foil bags work miracles.

    After you get to know her better, I will tell you about the wonders of the equine cat brush.

  3. I am just teasing.
    I’m going to try and leave the poor thing alone and let her acclimate, she just had a really stressful two days.
    She’ll come out eventually and we will get to know each other.
    I think she is going to be a great cat.

  4. The cat is probably scared shitless, particularly if the place still smells of another cat. Different cats respond differently. Our Jenny spent her first week with us behind the toilet and her second week in her own litterbox in the bathroom before we decided to let her find her own hiding place. Then she spent three months under a recliner in our home office, coming out only to eat and use the litterbox, before finally discovering the cat condo in there. Then for another four months you could only pet her if she was in the top tier of the cat condo facing away from you. We have now had her for 7 years and we still cannot pick her up, put her in a carrier to go to the vet, or clip her front claws. Other than that, she’s come around a lot and is a very sweet cat. I just don’t like to think about what happens when she gets old and sick; not sure what we’re giong to do.

  5. http://www.petvetsupply.com/grmhsun004.html

    Above is the link to the “equine cat brush”- actually it’s a horse curry comb, but is perfect as a cat brush.

    I bought one of these for Smooty, my friend Julie’s cat. He is a very shy cat who doesn’t like strangers, but he because my new best friend after I groomed him with it. It is a fabulous cat brush.

    At my urging Dr. Kirk bought 2 for his Maine Coons. (long continuing conversation at FDL a year back). His kitties love this equine cat brush. Puts them in kitty nirvana, it seems.

    I tried to use the site I linked above to buy 2 for my mom’s cats, but there is a $20 purchase minimum at the site. I don’t know if you can find this brush locally, but otherwise, maybe you could get some other kitty stuff at the same time. SweatScoop is a great cat litter- maybe they sell that at the site.

    If you were to put up a donate button on your site, I’d kick in a few bucks for a cat house warming present.

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