I Haz Nu Cat

An new old cat anyway.

My brother and his lovely wife had two and a fifteen month old Golden Lab.

From what I understand the dog decided that it needed to fuck with one of their cats and not the other.


So they asked me if I wanted the poor thing seeings how I never did find my Baby.

Sure, why not?

Get this, this ones name is Baby too, Baby Girl.

That works good with my chronic CRS.

Anyway, this varmint ain’t no Spring chicken, they figure it is nine or ten years old.

No front claws, fixed, of course.

She’s a long haired tabby, reminds me a lot of Shithead, one of my better cats.

Pretty fuckin mellow, that’s cool. Friendly enough. Not stand offish.

I think we’ll get along fine.

I think I am still going to get a new kitten though.

They can keep each other company as I ain’t here quite a bit.

Two cats in the Rat Hole would keep me hopping though. Two words for ya,

cat box.

Heh, I just realized it’s Caturday today.



I spoke too soon. Everything was hunky dory last night.

I got up this morning to a surly, pissed off and hissing cat.

Last I seen of it was crammed in behind some shelving in the kitchenette.

I ain’t stupid, I’m not sticking my hand back there.

When the sonofabitch gets hungry, it’ll come out.


6 thoughts on “I Haz Nu Cat

  1. *stomping cute little foot* i wanna see a picture of baby girl. or at least a link to a picture of a cat that looks baby girl.

    ut oh, she’s coming back with her fresh cup of coffee. time for me to look indifferent


  2. Poor critter’s scared to be in new surroundings. She’ll come out eventually. They take time to adjust, particuarly when they’re wondering when that annoying Lab will show up.

    Anyway, yes, we need pictures. Take a few spins through Cats In Sinks and you’ll probably find a match.

  3. My brother just got a new cat. Had him for two months and hardly ever comes out from underneath the bed. It did let me touch him a couple times this weekend but just for a little bit.

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