Mission Accomplished


If you thought this is going to be another of my rants about Stupie McFuckwit, you were wrong, just this once.

Nope, this is MY mission accomplished.

A real clusterfuck it is too.

In leaping before I looked, I have wound up ankle deep in the shitpile.

Not so bad you think, until you realize I jumped headfirst.

Yeppers, Busted has bitten off more than he can chew and has had to ask someone who knows about this website building bidness.This brings about Problem number two, I can’t seem to get my shit together enough to even enable my potential savior access to this fucking nightmare so he can try and fix it!

This WordPress has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at and I don’t know how to use any of ’em,’ cept put up a picture, and run my yap posting.

I was afraid of this,but being a male, dove in anyway.


I don’t need no stinking directions.

This is probably right behind “Watch This!” as some of the most insidiously dangerous words ever emitted by man,except of course for the number one killer, “I DO”.

So, until I can find out the Holy Grail of the secrets to putting code into the right place, at the right time, the right way, This joint is not gonna have much in the way of do-dads cluttering up the place.

I suppose I could try to fake it and call it ‘retro’ or ‘minimalist’, but no.

I’ll just step up to the plate here and admit to being a dumbshit and get it over with.

The fail, it burns.

I would, at this solemn moment, like to seriously thank the two friends who have already been caught up in this tornado.

Without naming names,

Thanks Pups, fer tryin’ to save my bacon.

I mean it.

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